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  • Diane Foland

    How To Use Twitter As Marketing And Business

    Step : Organize Your Followers Into Conversation Lists

    As you followtwitter most followers
    more people, it can be challenging to focus on the information coming from specific people and groups. That’s where Twitter lists come in. A Twitter list allows you to separate the Twitter accounts you follow into groups. You might create separate lists for:who has most twitter followers

    Potential customers,
    Neighborhood or community businesses,
    Trade or professional organizations,
    People who inspire you,
    People you talk with the most. A list who has the most followers on twitter
    allows you to see the tweets from the list members as a separate Twitter timeline. This distinguishes them from the crowd so you can pay attention to what these people say. You can also share tweets from a list on your website using a widget .

    When you create a who has the most twitter followers
    public list, list members see when you add or delete them from the list, and anyone can choose to follow your list. When you create a private list, people don’t know they appear on it and only you can see the list’s tweet timeline. To review the public lists created by any Twitter user, display their profile page. Then click Lists in the left menu. Their public lists appear in the right column.

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